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BinderHub is a kubernetes-based cloud service that allows users to share reproducible interactive computing environments from code repositories. It is the primary technology behind

This guide assists you, an administrator, through the process of setting up your BinderHub deployment.


For information about using a BinderHub, see the binder user documentation.

To get started creating your own BinderHub, start with Zero to BinderHub.

Zero to BinderHub#

A guide to help you create your own BinderHub from scratch.

Customization and deployment information#

Information on how to customize your BinderHub as well as explore what others in the community have done.

BinderHub Developer and Architecture Documentation#

A more detailed overview of the BinderHub design, architecture, and functionality.

Contributing to BinderHub#

The BinderHub community includes members of organizations deploying their own BinderHubs, as well as members of the broader Jupyter and Binder communities.

This section contains a collection of resources for and about the BinderHub community.