BinderHub Deployments

BinderHub is open-source technology that can be deployed anywhere that Kubernetes is deployed. The Binder community hopes that it will be used for many applications in research and education. As new organizations adopt BinderHub, we’ll update this page in order to provide inspiration to others who wish to do so.

If you or your organization has set up a BinderHub that isn’t listed here, please open an issue on our GitHub repository to discuss adding it!

GESIS - Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences

Deployed on bare-metal using kubeadm.

Pangeo - A community platform for big data geoscience

Pangeo-Binder allows users to perform computations using distributed computing resources via the dask-kubernetes package. Read more about the Pangeo project here. Pangeo-Binder is deployed on Google Cloud Platform using Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

dask-kubernetes: Pangeo project here:

OVH - A public BinderHub

Deployed on OVH’s Kubernetes platform. This hub was the first hub to join the Binder Federation, a global network of general purpose, public BinderHubs.