The BinderHub Architecture#

This page provides a high-level overview of the technical pieces that make up a BinderHub deployment.

Tools used by BinderHub#

BinderHub connects several services together to provide on-the-fly creation and registry of Docker images. It utilizes the following tools:

  • A cloud provider such Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2, and others

  • Kubernetes to manage resources on the cloud

  • Helm to configure and control Kubernetes

  • Docker to use containers that standardize computing environments

  • A BinderHub UI that users can access to specify Git repos they want built

  • repo2docker to generate Docker images using the URL of a Git repository

  • A Docker registry (such as that hosts container images

  • JupyterHub to deploy temporary containers for users

A diagram of the BinderHub architecture#


Here is a high-level overview of the components that make up BinderHub.#