Module: binderhub.launcher#

Launch an image with a temporary user via JupyterHub


class binderhub.launcher.Launcher(**kwargs: Any)#

Object for encapsulating launching an image for a user

allow_named_servers c.Launcher.allow_named_servers = Bool(False)#

Named user servers are allowed. This is used only when authentication is enabled and to set unique names for user servers.

async api_request(url, *args, **kwargs)#

Make an API request to JupyterHub

create_user Bool(True)#

Create a new Hub user

hub_api_token Unicode('')#

The API token for the Hub

hub_url Unicode('')#

The URL of the Hub

hub_url_local Unicode('')#

The internal URL of the Hub if different

async launch(image, username, server_name='', repo_url='', extra_args=None, event_callback=None)#

Launch a server for a given image

  • creates a temporary user on the Hub if authentication is not enabled

  • spawns a server for temporary/authenticated user

  • generates a token

  • returns a dict containing: - url: the URL of the server - image: image spec - repo_url: the url of the repo - extra_args: Dictionary of extra arguments passed to the server - token: the token for the server

launch_timeout c.Launcher.launch_timeout = Int(600)#

Wait this many seconds until server is ready, raise TimeoutError otherwise.

named_server_limit_per_user c.Launcher.named_server_limit_per_user = Int(0)#

Maximum number of concurrent named servers that can be created by a user.

pre_launch_hook c.Launcher.pre_launch_hook = Callable(None)#

An optional hook function that you can use to implement checks before starting a user’s server. For example if you have a non-standard BinderHub deployment, in this hook you can check if the current user has right to launch a new repo.

Receives 5 parameters: launcher, image, username, server_name, repo_url

retries c.Launcher.retries = Int(4)#

Number of attempts to make on Hub API requests.

Adds resiliency to intermittent Hub failures, most commonly due to Hub, proxy, or ingress interruptions.

retry_delay c.Launcher.retry_delay = Int(4)#

Time (seconds) to wait between retries for Hub API requests.

Time is scaled exponentially by the retry attempt (i.e. 2, 4, 8, 16 seconds)


Generate a unique name for a git repo url

e.g. minrk-binder-example-abc123 from minrk/binder-example.git