BinderHub is under active development and subject to breaking changes.

Getting started

The primary goal of BinderHub is creating custom computing environments that can be used by many remote users. BinderHub enables an end user to easily specify a desired computing environment from a GitHub repo. BinderHub then serves the custom computing environment at a URL which users can access remotely.

This guide assists you, an administrator, through the process of setting up your BinderHub deployment.

To get started creating your own BinderHub, start with Create your cloud resources.


BinderHub uses a JupyterHub running on Kubernetes for much of its functionality. For information on setting up and customizing your JupyterHub, we recommend reading the Zero to JupyterHub Guide.

BinderHub Deployments

Our directory of BinderHubs is published at BinderHub Deployments.

If your BinderHub deployment is not listed, please open an issue to discuss adding it.

Customization and deployment information

Information on how to customize your BinderHub as well as explore what others in the community have done.